Image to base64 converter

Convert Image to base64 without losing quality online using this free online tool.

How to convert Image to base64?

  1. Simply select the Image file from your PC or Mobile.
  2. Click on the convert button.
  3. Your Image file is converted into base64. Now download it.

Base64 convert image

If you want base64 image, you are landed on a right place. This tool named Image to Base64 converter, allows you to convert JPG/JPEG, PNG, WebP, GIF, ICO, SVG and other format images to base64-encoded string. The Image to Base64 converter tool is very useful when you want to convert image into base64 string textual data. Our online tool converts any Image to URL without downloading any software in your device. If you have a website and you want to embed images on the site so Image to URL converter helps you to convert img to base64, which is very best method to reduce the http request of the website. By reducing the http requests, the page load time of the website is decreased and website loads faster.