JPG to PNG converter

Convert JPG to PNG without losing quality online using this free online tool.

How to convert JPG to PNG?

  1. Simply select the JPG file from your PC or Mobile.
  2. Click on the convert button.
  3. Your JPG file is converted into PNG. Now download it.

Why converting from jpg to png?

If you have a image with background and you want that image with transparent background, for this PNG is best because PNG allows to save image with transparent background while jpg/jpeg does not allow  transparent background image. If you want to convert to jpg to png and looking for converter to jpg to png, so you are in a right place. We have created a online converter to jpg to png for those peoples who are looking for converter to jpg to png. This tool allows you to convert to jpg to png 100% free & online without downloading any software or creating any account. In order to achieve converting from jpg to png simply drag & drop the image into image box and select the image quality and image size, and click on the Conver to PNG button. Now wait for seconds, your image is converting from jpg to png. Simply download the image congrats you image is convert to jpg to png.

What is JPG file format?

A JPG file is just a raster photo saved in the Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG) and is often used to save electronic images and graphics made using image-editing applications. JPG uses lossless compression to minimize the size of an image without sacrificing quality, and it can accommodate up to up to 16 million colors.

Digital camera memory cards frequently use the JPG format. The JPG file is a brilliant format because it can compress files down to a tenth of their original size, which is extremely useful and helpful for conserving bandwidth.

What is PNG file format?

A PNG file is a transparent background image saved in the Portable Network Graphic (PNG) format, which is often used to save web graphics, digital pictures, and other images with transparent backgrounds. It's a raster graphic that's comparable to a .JPG picture but with lossless compression and transparency capabilities.

PNG pictures are superior to GIF images in several aspects, including the inclusion of an 8-bit transparency channel that allows the image's color to shift from opaque to transparent, whereas GIF images only support entirely opaque or fully transparent pixels. Palettes of 24-bit RGB color, RGB pictures, or greyscale or RGB images are all supported by PNG. Because PNG was designed to convey pictures over the Internet rather than for professional graphics, it does not support additional color models such as CMYK.


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