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How to convert WEBP to PNG?

  1. Simply select the WEBP file from your PC or Mobile.
  2. Click on the convert button.
  3. Your WEBP file is converted into PNG. Now download it.

What is WEBP file format?

A WEBP file is a raster image format developed by Google for online graphics called WebP. The WebP format compresses files more efficiently than typical JPEG compression while preserving picture quality that is comparable to or greater than that of JPEG. Like the PNG format, it enables both lossless and lossy compression.

Google has made aggressive claims regarding the format's compression efficiency, claiming that it may be up to 34% cheaper than a JPEG or PNG file. Because of the large number of photographs being seen at any one moment throughout the world, Google believes that by adopting a more effective image format, the web's overall performance may be optimized.

What is PNG file format?

A PNG file is a transparent background image saved in the Portable Network Graphic (PNG) format, which is often used to save web graphics, digital pictures, and other images with transparent backgrounds. It's a raster graphic that's comparable to a .JPG picture but with lossless compression and transparency capabilities.

PNG pictures are superior to GIF images in several aspects, including the inclusion of an 8-bit transparency channel that allows the image's color to shift from opaque to transparent, whereas GIF images only support entirely opaque or fully transparent pixels. Palettes of 24-bit RGB color, RGB pictures, or greyscale or RGB images are all supported by PNG. Because PNG was designed to convey pictures over the Internet rather than for professional graphics, it does not support additional color models such as CMYK.

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